5 Favourite Blogs About Writing

Since I started writing my own blog, I’ve found myself relying on blogs for writing advice more and more often. I’m still reading books on writing (and I’ll post about a few of my favs soon), but day-to-day most of my reading about writing seems to be coming from online sources.

Here are a few of my current favs (in no apparent order).

5 Favourite Blogs About Writing (2011):

Nathan Bransford: Author

Nathan’s blog is great for gaining a better understanding of the publishing industry, as he is both an author and former literary agent (who now works in the tech industry – great mix!). Here are a few of my favourite posts from Nathan’s award-winning blog: How to Write a Novel, 5 Writing Tips from Reading J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, and Amanda Hocking and the 99-Cent Kindle Millionaires.

Lisa Rivero: Writing Life in the 21st Century

Lisa has made a commitment to blog everyday and somehow still manages to keep things interesting. Lisa writes about her life as a writer, creativity and writing tips and tricks (among other topics). One of my favourite of Lisa’s posts is her “10 Favorite Books for Writers”.

Kiersten Writes

This blog is worth the read for pure entertainment value, even if you’re not into YA literature. Kiersten White, a YA author, writes about her life as a published writer. I’ve yet to read a post from Kiersten that didn’t make me smile (and sometimes laugh out loud, which is especially embarrassing in public). Reading this blog is also a great way to watch an author go through the publishing process as Kiersten’s next book will be out this August.

Daily Writing Tips

A friend at work introduced me to this blog recently, and I’ve been addicted ever since. You can sign up for Daily Writing Tips’ daily email to get advice on writing ranging from proper sentence structure and noun usage to how to start a writing group and editing your own writing.

Wonders and Marvels

Wonders and Marvels is, “A community for curious minds who love history, it’s odd stories, and good reads”. Since I’m writing a novel set in the past (otherwise known as historical fiction), I’ve found Wonders and Marvels to be a fantastic resource for little tidbits of information. For examples, check out these posts: 18th Century Domestic Violence, Changing Historical Details, and Let Them Eat Hair Garnishes.

Final Thoughts

I’ve also learned that it’s important to weed out the blogs that aren’t helping you anymore, as guilty as you may feel as a blogger yourself. For example, I used to read a lot of blogs about the publishing industry, but now I’m focusing on writing, so writing blogs it is! There are so many great blogs out there, but only so much non-writing time in the day, so it’s important to edit your blogroll from time to time to make sure it’s still relevant. On that note, I’m off to read my daily blogs.

What’s your favourite blog for writing advice?

Author: Carrie Mumford

Carrie Mumford is a writer and content manager living in Calgary, Alberta. She write short stories and non-fiction articles, and blogs about technology, editing, writing and (of course) books.

  • Thank you so much! I am honored to be in such terrific company and will definitely spend time getting to know the other blogs you list here (Wonders and Marvels is especially intriguing, as I love history). You made my day. :)

    • You’re more than welcome! Thank YOU for the fantastic blogs posts. Wonders and Marvels is a lot of fun – and I could see how it might be useful for your work-in-progress (about your Aunt). Have a great day!

  • I’ve been following Lisa’s blog for a while now and thoroughly agree with you – she always keeps it interesting! I’ll check out the others you reference too – thanks for the post.

    • Thanks Neil! Lisa’s blog is fabulous – good choice.

      I have a special place in my heart for editing; I am working away at a publishing certificate that includes several editing courses. I checked out your blog and love it! I’m now a subscriber and look forward to your next post.

      • Thanks; waiting now to hear from my Fridays author. Hopefully not too soon before midnight, so I have more than a few minutes to go through it… :)

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