Writing Tips

The Best Writing Advice I’ve Received So Far

October 1, 2015

Over the past few years of reading about writing, taking courses, and a mentorship, and actually writing, I’ve been given a ton of advice…about writing. Here are the most useful tips I’ve received so far. I really wish I could attribute more than one of these, but I’ve heard them from so many sources it would be unfair to credit just one writing genius.

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Writing Tips

When Are You a Writer?

June 9, 2013
Definition of an Author

This morning I found myself thinking about titles in the book industry. When are you a writer? When are you an author? Are you a writer when you decide you are? Are you an author once you self-publish or once someone decides to publish your work for you?

I admit I have less trouble with the title of “writer.” If you write stuff down on paper with the intent to show other people, you’re a writer to me.

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How Much Does Editing Cost?

June 2, 2013
Copyeditors Handbook

Ever wonder how much editing costs? The cost of editing is by far the question authors ask me about most often. I feel a little like I’m giving away a trade secret by talking about this, but in reality, the average cost of editing can be found on many sites, and it’s almost impossible to predict because (as you’ll soon see) there are so many variables to consider. If you are interested in how editing costing works, read on!

Most editors that I’ve met price a project based on four factors:

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Writing Tips

The Budget-Friendly, Mostly-At-Home MFA

March 21, 2013

I would love to complete a MFA (Master of Fine Arts).

I’ve heard both the good and the bad about aspiring writers pursuing an MFA, but that hasn’t dissuaded me. What has dissuaded me is the cost and the time.

I was recently chatting with a writing friend who is working away at her MFA. I was lamenting about how now is not a good time for me to complete an MFA, and she gave me a great idea: “Why not do your own mini, mostly-at-home MFA for a fraction of the price?”

Based on suggestions from my very smart friend and this post by Sarah Selecky, I’ve created a budget-friendly, mostly-at-home MFA program below. Of course this is no substitute for the real thing, but I hope this pared down MFA is useful those of us who can’t complete an actual MFA just now, or those who don’t plan on completing an MFA but want to continue improving their writing career.

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