Hi! I’m Carrie Mumford.

Carrie Mumford Bio PictureThanks for visiting my website and blogging home.

These days I split my time between writing fiction, tweeting (here, and for a few other accounts), and my day job as a manager of content and research.

I grew up coding my own computer games, obsessively reading, and writing stories to entertain my brothers. I eventually completed my undergraduate degree in English Lit, went on to finish my Masters in Information Science, and then spent 10 years in the land of marketing and research. Somewhere in there I completed several courses in editing and publishing.

You can see my recent published stories here.

If you want to get in touch, send me an email, follow me on Twitter (@CarrieMumford), add me to your circles on Google Plus (+Carrie Mumford) or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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