I am in the process of revising my first novel, All But What’s Left, and completing the draft of a second novel (title to be determined).

All But What’s Left – Coming Soon!

Fence in front of farm fieldHannah has a plan with a capital P. She’ll help her dad with their ranch, Stillwater, until her not-boyfriend-boyfriend Radek finishes university (it’s complicated). He’ll come back, they’ll get married, merge his neighbouring ranch with hers, and live happily ever after. And maybe, someday, she’ll start her artwork again. Most importantly, with a family of her own, she’ll finally be able leave the stigma of her mother’s horrific death behind her.

But even such perfect plans don’t always work out. When her dad hires Will, a travelling ranch hand and rodeo star, Hannah finds herself questioning everything she once knew to be true. She begins remembering her mother’s affair, which makes her doubt her long-held belief that her Dad accidentally shot her mom. At the same time, her Dad’s relationship with Lily, Hannah’s not-quite-step-mom begins to crumble. As summer comes to an end and everything falls apart around her, Hannah is forced to choose between the life she always thought she wanted, and the life she never knew she could have.