Definition of an Author

When Are You a Writer?

This morning I found myself thinking about titles in the book industry. When are you a writer? When are you an author? Are you a writer when you decide you are? Are you an author once you self-publish or once someone decides to publish your work for you? I admit I have less trouble with […]

Copyeditors Handbook

How Much Does Editing Cost?

Ever wonder how much editing costs? The cost of editing is by far the question authors ask me about most often. I feel a little like I’m giving away a trade secret by talking about this, but in reality, the average cost of editing can be found on many sites, and it’s almost impossible to predict because […]

the budget-friendly mostly at-home MFA

The Budget-Friendly, Mostly-At-Home MFA

I would love to complete a MFA (Master of Fine Arts). I’ve heard both the good and the bad about aspiring writers pursuing an MFA, but that hasn’t dissuaded me. What has dissuaded me is the cost and the time. I was recently chatting with a writing friend who is working away at her MFA. I was lamenting about how now is […]

do I have to use social media

Is Social Media Mandatory for Writers?

While reading a recent blog post by Penelope Trunk, I found my way to this article from Forbes: 3 Reasons You Should Quit Social Media in 2013. It was a relief. Here’s my dirty secret: I’ve wanted to quit social media for months. I’ve been thinking lately about the value of social media for writers. […]