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Is Social Media Mandatory for Writers?

January 24, 2013
do I have to use social media

While reading a recent blog post by Penelope Trunk, I found my way to this article from Forbes: 3 Reasons You Should Quit Social Media in 2013. It was a relief.

Here’s my dirty secret: I’ve wanted to quit social media for months.

I’ve been thinking lately about the value of social media for writers. Is the return really worth the time you take away from your writing? For new, non-agented writers (like myself), is it worth focusing on social media to build a platform, or should you just be focusing all of your energy on becoming a better writer?

It seems Twitter, Facebook and blogs have become mandatory in the ‘getting published’ process. When I talk to new writers, they are usually trying to learn to write, learn to tweet, learn to set up a Facebook fan page and produce amazing blog posts that get hundreds of views. Oh, and get published.

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Social Media

How to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook – Part 4

July 1, 2012

I’ve always had a tenuous relationship with Facebook. I’ve deleted my account three times now (double-tap, fully deleted), and if you ask me if I like Facebook on any given day, I’ll tell you “No,” without hesitation.

Why this hate of Facebook? Their ever-shifting security policies terrify me. But, despite my fear of the Facebook, I’ve opened a new account and am back to give it one more try.

Love it or hate it, Facebook has become ingrained in our culture. As a writer, it’s really hard to justify not being present on Facebook when you can meet so many potential readers and writing friends there. Not belonging to Facebook was starting to feel like not going to the best writing conferences: I was missing out.

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How to Keep Your Twitter Account Safe – Part 3

June 20, 2012

Welcome to Part 3 of my 4-part series about fighting back against spam! If you missed the previous two parts in this Tips for Fighting Spam Series, you can view them using the links at the bottom of this post.

How to Keep Your Twitter Account Safe:

Twitter is one of my favourite places to fight back against spammers. Not only is it often easy to spot spammers on Twitter, you also have a way to report them. Here are 5 really easy ways to keep your Twitter account safe and fight back against spammers!

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How to Reduce Spam Comments on Your WordPress Blog – Part 2

June 2, 2012
Can of Spam

If you’ve ever checked your blog to find that you have 1,234,567 (or any other annoyingly high number) new comments, only to learn they’re all from spammers, this post is for you!

Recently spam comments on my blog started to become a real problem. I was getting almost 100 new spam comments a day (which seemed insanely high). Thankfully they were almost all being caught in Akismet, so I only had to go in and delete them when I felt like it, but it was still irritating. So I did some research on how to stop (or reduce) the number of spam posts I was getting. Here’s what I found out!

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