For Authors

Do you feel panic rising in your chest when you think about marketing yourself or your book?

Do the words “social media” make you sigh with exasperation?

Have you been puting off creating a website, even though you know you need one?

Are you fed up with trying to get just onnneee more person to subscribe to your mailing list?

Are you thinking, “What’s a mailing list?”?


If so, I can help!

I work with authors to help them find their audiences with marketing strategies, branding, websites and content planning. Over the past eight years, I have worked in digital advertising, while also helping writers with their websites and marketing strategies.

My specialities include:

  • Marketing strategies: custom-made plans for selling your work
  • Simple websites: it won’t be fancy, but it will work!
  • Website consulations: get advice on what’s working/not working on your site, and a plan for how to fix it
  • Proofreading: the final-final edit before you publish, whether it’s your masterpiece of a book or your latest blog post

As a short story author and aspiring novelist, I understand the craziness that is the writer’s life. I’d love to be a part of your book journey and help you quell the crazy!

Get in touch for a chat to get started.